Smoking … A Silent Killer !!!!

SMOKING IS INJURIOUS TO HEALTH.… We all know this, a special thanks to all those TV adds that used to remind us. A lot of effort has been made to curb its use such as increasing the tax on cigarette and tobacco products, making new laws to restrict its use in certain places and organizing campaigns to increase the awareness of all the hazards associated with it such as cancer, heart diseases and even death.


(Dr. Gro Harlem Brundtland)

According to World health organization, 1 in 10 adults dies every day due to smoking related illness and in Pakistan 276 people die of smoking every day according to a report by Tobacco Control Cell in Pakistan. Despite all of the scientific evidence of tobacco’s health dangers, and in the face of millions of dollars worth of public health advertising, smokers continue to smoke and nonsmokers are still being persuaded to take that first drag that can lead to lifelong addiction. In Pakistan 1200 children go to smoke every day (Tobacco control cell report 2011).

Most of the people starts smoking when they are in there teens and get addicted and hence it becomes difficult for them to quit. There are a lot of reasons why people actually start smoking, some main reasons are, to look cool, mature “DUDE” kind of person so they can easily fit in there social circle, to look like there friends, to do experiment, for the sake of fun and pleasure, under pressure and stress which can be work or studies related, or going through a bad relationship thinking it might help to calm there nerves or give them energy to pass that hard and rough time and they might be alcohol or cocaine addicts, the list goes on……


(Mark Twain)

The major reason behind smoking addiction is nicotine, which has an anti-depressive effect, at least in the short run, and it makes a person feel more awake. A person suffering from nervousness or from depressive symptoms may feel that the smoking helps him to overcome these symptoms. However, gradually there will be a need for steadily higher doses of nicotine to give these good effects, and if there is a lack of nicotine in the body, the nervous or depressive feelings will be greater than before.

So all you out there willing to quit smoking should first of all select a quit date and stick to it, than list out all the reasons why you want to quit, analyze and keep a record of yourselves  such as why you smoke, what time do you usually smoke and how many cigarettes do you consume on daily basis? There are a combination of drugs and program’s that can help. Many over the counter nicotine replacement therapy products are also  available in  gums, patches and lozenges form and  nasal sprays can also be used on doctors prescription, that can help  you to deal with the withdrawal symptoms.

When you feel tense, try to keep busy and remind yourself that smoking won’t make it any better, and go do something else.Let others know that you have quit smoking. You will find that most people will support you. Many of your smoking friends may want to know how you quit. It’s good to talk to others about your quitting.If you somehow lose control and smoke, don’t be discouraged or give up and return to your smoking habit.

Helping someone to quit smoking is not easy, every smoker has a story so before you start by saying it to him/her that smoking kills, you need to know that something is already killing him/her. Don’t doubt there ability to quit, because there strength in quitting rely’s a lot on your faith in there ability to quit. Only talk about the issue if they are willing to talk about it. If they are willing take them to doctors that can prescribe some medications to help quit. Understand the withdrawal symptoms, they will appear in them and most of the quitters get afraid of them and give up on quitting, therefore don’t take the quitter’s grumpiness personally during their nicotine withdrawal. Tell them that you understand the symptoms and that they are real and remind them that they won’t last forever. The symptoms usually get better in about 2 weeks.

In the end it all comes down on the quitter and there strength to quit smoking, the choice is theirs either to quit or not to. To take there life back from tobacco companies and live a more healthy and wealthy life.


It’s nice if you’re the kind of smoker who smokes outside away from others. You’re even careful not to let your smoke blow in other people’s faces out there. At least you, the polite smoker, are not inflicting it on others. But, you are inflicting it on others if you allow children to see you smoke. You’re giving children the idea that smoking is OK by your example. If you’re trying to quit, let children know about it and tell them why. If you’re not trying to quit, how about starting now? It’s about time. –

(Duane Alan Hahn)

by: Mishal

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