Albuterol: Proair-HFA, Proventil-HFA, Ventolin-HFA

Key Patient Counseling Points:

  • Instruct patient on inhaler technique.
  • Wash the mouthpiece and air dry thoroughly at least once a week (may cease to deliver medication if mouthpiece becomes blocked).
  • For Tablets only: Do not crush extended-release tablets. Part of the extended-release tablet may pass into stool. Contact prescriber if more albuterol is needed to control symptoms than usual as this may indicate asthma deterioration.


Selective β2-Agonist

Mechanism of Action:

Albuterol is a selective β2-adrenergic agonist that produces bronchodilation, vasodilation, uterine relaxation, skeletal muscle stimulation, peripheral vasodilation, and tachycardia.

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